AR 2016-17 From the Chairman

The past 12 months have seen CenITex continue our mission to deliver customer focused, contemporary ICT services while continuing to drive down costs. We have pursued innovation, added to our customer base, reduced prices and invested significantly in our staff.

CenITex ended the 2016-17 financial year with a third successive surplus, this year of $7 million. Total revenue was $167.6 million, which was $12.9 million up on the previous year. And while the surplus was driven in part by the accounting treatment of revenue from capital acquisitions in support of customer projects, our continued focus on managing cost and lifting productivity allowed us to bring forward a 2.5 per cent across the board price reduction planned for the next financial year, to this one. 

Gail Moody retired from the Victorian Public Service and the CenITex Board in April this year. I would like to sincerely thank Gail for her valued service as a Board member, and welcome Shaun Condron as our new Board member. 

This year saw CenITex build and internally deploy a market ready Office 365 desktop environment, capable of supporting whole of Victorian Government with the latest productivity, collaboration and communication tools, necessary for a modern, agile and productive Victorian public sector. Three of our largest customers are signed up to migrate to this new service in the coming year. 

The 2016-17 financial year also saw CenITex update our financial systems, improve our security environment, continue to refresh our asset base and, perhaps most significantly, restructure the organisation to align staff delivering services with the customers we serve. 

We improved our employees’ capabilities by their skills in cloud based technologies and provided them with comprehensive customer service training. We introduced a new service delivery module built on Prince2 and Agile methodologies and a virtual team structure to support the delivery of customer projects. We brought to market Azure-based cloud hosting services, and negotiated with AWS to enable scaled rollout to government – all in an environment of continued financial sustainability. We also welcomed a new customer in VicRoads, who will enhance its cyber security capability by leveraging services from our 24x7 Security Operations Centre which began operating in August last year. 

There is much to be proud of and much to be done, and the foundation we are working from is a solid one.

image of signature of Randall Straw

Randall Straw

Our work in the areas of security, cloud services and in building a new services roadmap has been done in close collaboration with our customers.