AR 2016-17 Operational Performance

6.1 Service Delivery

Victorian Government ICT operates across three infrastructure platforms.

The GSP hosts the Departments of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Treasury and Finance (DTF), and Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

The Departments of Justice and Regulation (DJR) and Health and Human Services (DHHS) are supported independently on dedicated infrastructure platforms. Both customers are transitioning services to the GSP. In March 2017, DHHS completed its desktop migration to Windows 8.1 and is due to complete migration to the GSP in 2017/18.

The GSP is a modern ICT platform distributed across two enterprise grade data centres via a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network that delivers high degrees of service availability and cost efficiencies. Operating under the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management processes, it also utilises state-of-the- art alerting and monitoring systems to support the delivery of business application hosting and physical or virtual workplaces to customers.

Service Delivery manages day-to-day operational support for these platforms and CenITex customers and our staff. Service Delivery comprises six groups, each run by a General Manager:

  • Development and Design
  • Project Delivery
  • Operations
  • Service Management
  • Delivery Assurance
  • Innovation and Delivery.

Development and Design, Project Delivery and Operations are responsible for the design, build and running of server, storage and directory, network and security, end user computing, platform and applications, and cloud services – supported by technical architecture, automation and capacity planning specialists.

Service Management is responsible for the IT Service Centre, the management of incidents and problems, events, change and release schedules, configuration and access, and monitoring.

Delivery Assurance manages quality control systems, disaster recovery governance, the Project Management Office, internal and customer reporting, service transition and managed service request (MSR) delivery and governance.

Innovation and Delivery is responsible for the development and market readiness of cloud services, the GO Office 365 platform and acts as an innovation incubator for the development of CenITex products and services.

Project Management Office
CenITex experienced another significant increase in internal and customer project activity. The original forecast was $36.5 million in project funding across both internal and customer portfolios. Due to increased demand, CenITex delivered internal and customer projects well ahead of the forecast value for a total of almost $43 million.

During 2016/17 CenITex opened a total of 651 customer projects valued at $36.1 million, an increase of almost $3 million from the previous year. Of these, 223 were major projects valued at $30.1 million and 428 were minor projects valued at $6 million.

During the year, the Project Management Office improved time and delivery efficiencies around program and project delivery with increased attention on process improvements and methodologies. This included a focus on using Lean and PRINCE2 Agile methods to increase end to end process from proposal generation through to project delivery.

Asset refresh
The Asset Refresh Program supports CenITex commitment to the enhancement of the reliability of services delivered to customers. This is achieved through the initiation, delivery and governance of targeted refresh projects, enabling the life-cycle management of assets that support customer business critical services. During the year, the following GSP assets were refreshed:

  • Windows 2003 server operating system
  • Solaris 9 and 10 servers
  • Juniper Network and security management (NSM) system
  • Email platform
  • Hosting and storage
  • Blue Coat internet traffic scanning
  • Cisco secure access control system (ACS) for Windows.

IT Service Centre performance, period ending 30 June 2017
The CenITex IT Service Centre supports customers with standard and premium service levels. Common to all customer service level agreements (SLAs) is the ability to answer and resolve customer service requests and reported faults quickly.

From July 2016 to June 2017, the Service Centre has consistently exceeded its SLA.

The Service Centre aims to answer support calls within 30 seconds.

From July 2016 to June 2017, the Service Centre did not meet its SLA during the year, due to an unusually high staff turnover rate and a very large number of calls.

6.2 Customer Engagement

The Customer Engagement team builds and manages relationships with customers by acting as the interface between the organisations. The team manages the entire customer lifecycle, from on-boarding new customers and managing customer accounts, to the development and market readiness of new products and services.

Customer Engagement comprises three groups, each run by a General Manager:

  • Shared Government Services
  • Custom Services and Solutions
  • Customer Operations and Strategy.

Shared Government Services looks after all customers on the GSP while Custom Services and Solutions supports customers running their own managed platforms. Both teams support customers with account management, service delivery management and custom and technical solutions services.

Customer Operations and Strategy looks after customer satisfaction, internal and external communication, service strategy, customer reporting, product management, service catalogue, integration architecture and business development.

The CenITex Enterprise Architecture function also reports directly to the Director Customer Engagement.


  • New customer - facilitated the onboarding of VicRoads, CenITex’s first new customer in five years, to use services from the Security Operation Centre.
  • GO Office 365 - five customers signed onto the assessment phase for the GO Office 365 platform: DEDJTR and PTV, DJR and CSV, and DHHS.
  • Customer satisfaction survey – participation of all customers, the briefing of customers on the findings and the development of action plans for individual customers to address opportunities and issues identified in the findings.
  • Disaster recovery (DR) testing – completed the annual DR test of IT services for DPC and DTF with learnings fed into the CenITex IT Disaster Response Framework.
  • Fire season – maintained heightened ICT support for DELWP emergency responses during the Victorian fire season.

6.3 Strategy and Governance

The Strategy and Governance team has accountability for:

  • facilitating the setting of strategic direction across CenITex
  • monitoring CenITex investments in alignment with the corporate plan
  • delivering a risk management program that addresses both enterprise and operational risk profiles with agreed mitigation strategies
  • managing the internal and external audit program
  • coordinating Board and management performance reporting
  • managing Freedom of Information requests,
  • Privacy and Protected Disclosure processes
  • fostering an environment that supports effective governance via transparency and clarity of accountabilities throughout the business

During the year, Strategy and Governance:

  • established a Strategic Portfolio Office to govern CenITex investments in alignment with the corporate plan
  • oversaw the remediation of 171 operational risks
  • introduced a quarterly performance reporting dashboard for the Victorian Secretaries Board

6.4 Human Resources

The key areas of focus for Human Resources are:

  • organisational development, including values and culture
  • capability development, including learning and development, management and leadership development
  • workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding and staff movement
  • performance, reward and recognition
  • occupational health and safety, and employee wellbeing
  • people management policies and procedures
  • payroll
  • employee relations.

During the year, Human Resources:

  • conducted a staff alignment and engagement pulse survey which showed a 7 per cent increase in engagement, including supporting the rollout and communication of results and team action planning
  • facilitated the review and launch of revised CenITex values; accountability, collaboration, courage, initiative and respect
  • continued a focus on building leadership skills through a quarterly People Manager Forum, focusing on building the skills of our people managers, leveraging off each other’s experience and leading through our values.
  • ran the Mind Body Life Wellbeing Program to encourage staff to be proactive in managing their own wellbeing
  • launched an Early Intervention Toolkit as part of the Mind Body Life wellbeing program. The toolkit provides information and resources for staff and people managers to continue to build a supportive work environment to help prevent the development of chronic injury and illness. Manager training in early intervention strategies was also developed as part of the toolkit.
  • facilitated a flu vaccination program for all staff as part of the Mind Body Life Program.
  • implemented an Industry Based Learning (IBL) program and Graduate Program, working with managers to place and support students across the business. There are currently five graduates on the 12-month Graduate program.
  • continued Customer Centric Training with monthly training offered to all team members at all levels
  • reviewed the online compliance modules, ensuring that the new modules are best practice
  • continued Women in CenITex events throughout the year.

6.5 Finance and Business Services

The Finance and Business Services function manages:

  • budgeting and financial aspects of the CenITex Business Plan
  • financial control
  • project portfolio reporting
  • management accounting
  • cash management and forecasting
  • corporate taxation
  • procurement of goods and services
  • compliance with the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s (VGPB) policies and guidelines
  • legal services
  • information management and business technology.

During the year, Finance and Business Services achieved the following:

  • oversaw the delivery of savings of more than $5m, facilitating additional price reductions and other in-kind support to our customers.
  • spearheaded the procurement of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
  • implemented and migrated to a new financial management platform, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, giving CenITex full control over its financial reporting capabilities for the first time.
  • completed the valuation of fixed assets in conjunction with the Valuer-General.
  • gained the ability to invest with the Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC)
  • completed contractual agreement with AWS for consumption of its Cloud services to enable scaled
  • roll out to government
  • achieved accreditation with the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB)
  • introduced improved performance management reporting to enable CenITex customers and stakeholders to analyse their data and gain greater insight into their usage.
  • implemented a new customer billing reporting system utilising new technologies and practices to automate for greater efficiencies and accuracy, thus enabling more timely reporting and improved invoicing.
  • developed a two-year strategy to deliver the compliance assessment requirements in the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF).