Partnership yields results for VPS Pride Network

In 2020 Cenitex formed an in-kind partnership with the VPS Pride Network, and has recently completed a very important piece of work significantly upgrading the Network’s ability to communicate with key stakeholders.

The Cenitex Project Management team onboarded VPS Pride Network’s users, Office365 accounts, shared mailboxes and a Microsoft Teams channel – enabling the Network to collaborate and manage their important work more easily.

“It is one million times easier, we can more efficiently communicate with other Network volunteers and Committee members,” said Grant Godino, Chairperson of the VPS Pride Network.

This is a great example that strongly aligns with some of the strategic goals and programs under our new corporate strategy – the 1-3-5 Strategy, including ‘Extensive Engagement’ and ‘The Right Culture’.

“So many of our staff demonstrated a can-do, then do it attitude, to get this initiative up. We really appreciate their efforts in helping us partner with the VPS Pride Network to support inclusiveness in the public sector,” said Andrew Closey, Lead of LGBTIQ+ stream of our Diversity & Inclusion Council.

The support follows the establishment of the Cenitex Diversity & Inclusion Council and our own LGBTIQ+ Stream in August 2020.