Transparent and Accountable

With an emphasis on transparency and accountability, Cenitex maintains a strong governance and management framework to ensure we meet our statutory requirements and effectively deliver ICT shared services.

Our Board governs the following elements of our business:

  • Strategic
  • Commercial
  • Regulatory
  • Financial
  • Risk

Our Board has two subcommittees for Audit and Risk, and Remuneration.

Our Board advises the Minister for Government Services directly on all matters within the Minister’s responsibility relating to Cenitex. 

Operational responsibility is managed by the Executive Leadership Team.

Business performance analysis and information on key strategic, service delivery and financial matters is reported regularly to our Board. We provide additional statutory reporting to government, including our Annual Report and business performance reports.

Our customers are at the centre of our decision-making and our relationships are based on sound, commercial arrangements using a services catalogue and transparent pricing.


Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

The Victorian Public Sector Commission requires Cenitex to publish a Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register each year.

The Policy and Register applies to all workplace participants: executives, board members, contractors, consultants and any individuals or groups undertaking activity for or on behalf of CenITex.

To view our policy, see: Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

To view our recent Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality registers, see below: