Procurement Activity Plan

The Procurement team at Cenitex manages all buying activity in alignment with its Transactional / Leveraged / Focused capability profile, through the assessment of complexity across procurement categories and sub-categories.

To get the best value for money for ourselves and our customers, Cenitex leverages economies of scale, as well as a strategic governance framework that includes category plans, supplier management plans, annual budget allocations and Cenitex business and strategic plans.

Cenitex’s annual Procurement Activity Plan is prepared as per the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s policy framework to aid and inform our suppliers. By helping suppliers prepare for forward demand, they can participate in market engagements more effectively, resulting in healthy, competitive markets that contribute to delivering value for money.

This table represents Cenitex’s Procurement Activity Plan for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. The plan will be reviewed annually and updated as required.

Supplier market opportunities 
The following procurement activity is presented according to identified forecasting of Cenitex’s sourcing requirements. 

No Procurement name and description Estimated contract duration Market approach Estimated date for market approach Nature of expenditure
1 Provision of an employee assistance program 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Jul-19 Services
2 Provision of IDSN link for video conferencing 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jul-19 Services
3 Change management program - building capability 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Aug-19 Services
4 Second factor authentication 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Aug-19 Goods
5 Engagement of end user computing analysts 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Aug-19 Services
6 Vulnerability management as a service 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Sep-19 Services
7 Agile SAFE for teams 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Sep-19 Services
8 Business analytics and reporting 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Sep-19 Services
9 Cloud financial management 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Sep-19 Goods
10 Provision of stationery and office products 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Oct-19 Goods
11 Rogue device detection 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Oct-19 Goods
12 Next generation anti virus 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Oct-19 Services
13 Secure collection and disposal of IT infrastructure and data 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Oct-19 Services
14 Service level management framework establishment 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Oct-19 Services
15 Workforce analytics and planning 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Oct-19 Services
16 Alternate network technology pilot 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Oct-19 Services
17 Sophos end user protection licences and maintenance 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Oct-19 Services
18 Procurement toolset and P2P 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Nov-19 Goods
19 Easy print 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Nov-19 Services
20 Cloud access security broker 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Nov-19 Services
21 Procurement training 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Nov-19 Services
22 Cenitex leadership programs 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Dec-19 Services
23 Tape library maintenance 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Dec-19 Services
24 Dynamics operating support model and maintenance services 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jan-20 Services
25 Video conferencing configuration 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jan-20


26 Advanced security posturing 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jan-20 Services
27 Meeting solutions 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jan-20 Services
28 Cloud data warehouse 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jan-20 Goods
29 Disaster recovery as a service 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Jan-20 Services
30 Provision of career planning programs 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Feb-20 Services
31 Provision of internal audit services 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Feb-20 Services
32 Provision of service assurance services 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Feb-20 Services
33 Engagement of network operational support services 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Feb-20 Services
34 Mobile security 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Feb-20 Services
35 Cyber security analysis consultancy services 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Feb-20 Services
36 Building relocation services 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Feb-20 Services
37 Digital workplace intranet 3 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Mar-20 Goods
38 Identity access management 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) Mar-20 Services
39 Internet hosting services 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) May-20 Services
40 Employment relations legal advice 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (SPC) May-20 Services
41 Online learning and performance management system 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Jun-20 Services
42 Provision of offsite tape backup media services 3-5 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (public) Jun-20 Services
43 Venue for training programs 1 year RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Jun-20 Services
44 Provision of scheduled maintenance for UPS 2 years RFT/RFQ/ITS (selective) Jun-20 Services

The Cenitex 2019-20 annual procurement plan is current as at 26 September 2019.

All Cenitex planned procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in the annual procurement plan is provided for planning purposes only. The annual procurement plan does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by Cenitex to purchase the described goods or services. Cenitex will manage unsolicited bids in accordance with its procurement framework policies and procedures.