Our Services

Our service offerings focus on enabling a mobile, collaborative, secure Victorian public sector.

Cenitex offers six categories of service packages to meet our new and current customers' business and technology needs.



1. Workplace Computing

The Whole of Victorian Government (WoVG) policy encourages a more flexible workplace, which is achievable when supported by stronger ICT platforms, infrastructure and services.

Standard Desktop

Cenitex offers a range of traditional desktop services to assist customers with managing their existing legacy solutions while transitioning to more modern solutions, such as our Digital Workplace service.

Cenitex maintains standard operating environments for customers based on Windows 7, 8 and 10 using our experienced and dedicated Desktop support staff.

Tailored for the Victorian public sector, our Standard Desktop services provide a standard desktop platform complemented with identity management, desktop device management, managed local and wide area networks and more — making it the perfect place to begin any digital transformation journey.

Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace provides a common workplace experience across Windows 10, MacOS, iOS and Android devices. The service combines this delivery platform with a corporate application portal, Single Sign-On (SSO) and a corporate network tunnel to deliver a fully operational work platform no matter from where the device is connected — whether it is the corporate network or wi-fi.

Digital Workplace employs the security concept of “zero trust” that requires strict identity verification for every person and device trying to access resources on a private network, regardless of whether they are sitting within or outside of the network perimeter.

This added layer of security has been shown to prevent data breaches and helps to provide a consistent approach to how the network resources can be accessed, regardless of the platform is being used.

Tailored for the Victorian public sector, Digital Workplace delivers identity management, desktop device management, managed local and wide area networks and more. 

Our Digital Workspace service package complies with WoVG standards for Information and Communications.

Virtual Desktops

Cenitex offers a range of services to customers on virtual computing. We are experienced in Citrix-based technologies as well as VMware to provide a virtual desktop and virtualised application services to our customers.

Application Services

Cenitex provides a range of application-related services to our customers, with decades of experience in hosting, managing and monitoring business applications for our extensive customer base.

  • Database Services: Cenitex has experienced database administrators, hence we offer database services across Microsoft SQL and Oracle Databases. We offer dedicated database servers and cost-efficient shared environments.

  • Application Management: Tired of managing business applications in-house? Cenitex supports hundreds of business applications on behalf of our customers, whether it is on premise or in the cloud. Our Application Management team can offer 24x7 support as well as dealing with the old applications.
  • Application Packaging: An in-house team of application packaging experts are at your disposal at Cenitex. With our extensive experience for government, if you have an application you need packaged we can help you.
  • Application Development: We offer in-house Agile Applications Development service to assist customers with their digital transformation. If you need an application to be re-platformed or a business problem solved, contact us today.
  • SaaS Migrations: Thinking about moving to the cloud? Don’t know how to get there? Cenitex can help you with years of experience of migrating customers to Office 365, Azure, AWS, ServiceNow and more.
  • Collaboration Services: Cenitex offers a range of Office 365 services aimed to increase collaboration in your organisation. From a WoVG Shared Office 365 environment through to hosting and supporting your own Office 365. We have an Organisational Change Management approach to managing Office 365 for our customers. We are also establishing a Centre of Excellence to assist your staff with adopting the new technology on an ongoing basis.


2. Cloud Services

Cloud is a proven, reliable mechanism to deliver services quickly and efficiently. Cenitex provides secure and flexible cloud-based hosting, storage and management services across AWS and Azure that meet the necessary Victorian Government standards.

Cenitex also offers hosting capability across two Enterprise grade (Tier-3) data centres with varying services. Ranging from pure data centre services, through to a full virtual compute and storage capability within our own private cloud.


3. Hosting

A virtual server in the Cenitex-managed environment is complemented by a managed wide area network, security, internet and more in the Virtual Server service package.

Cenitex provides a designated secure and managed Data Centre environment for your rack managed server equipment.


4. Network & Security

The move towards activity-based and hybrid working has driven the need for greater collaboration and flexibility to work anywhere. To meet the needs of a modern government, Cenitex has developed its capability to provide end-to-end support within the network space with services ranging from a complete managed LAN/WAN, corporate & guest wi-fi through to on-demand networks for mobile devices. 

Cenitex can be engaged in a number of ways, from support for an existing environment and overlaying efficiency gained in supporting and aggregating demand across a large government customer base, or customer can choose to leverage the government shared platform which has been developed to provide customers with further efficiency, scalability, security and flexibility.


Security is paramount in today’s landscape, and Cenitex has built a complete end-to-end security posture to ensure our services meet government compliance and security standards. We offer a range of security services, from end-point protection, threat and vulnerability management, email protection and advanced threat prevention, to user education and training services. 

Due to this ever-changing landscape and continuous need for cyber security vigilance, Cenitex provides your organisation with real-time threat management. We have a 24x7 Security Operation Centre leveraging a global intelligence partner and a team of government security specialists; and offer round the clock monitoring, incident management and event correlation across customer critical assets to ensure potential threats are identified and dealt with quickly.


Identity and Access Management (IDAM) is the foundation of the IT journey for many organisations. Cenitex can help you manage base functionality easily, which includes onboard/offboarding of staff, and the management of access to data and resources for all your staff. We can also help with your identity management when you want to start leveraging cloud services. Cenitex has the capabilities and knowledge to federate your identities to the cloud whether that is for Office 365, Azure, or AWS hosting.


5. Service Management

Cenitex provides VIP Support services as a priority service for incidents and requests via our IT Service Centre. VIP Support expedites the process, so your requests and incidents are immediately put into motion.

Our application support services offer access to the extensive skills and expertise of Cenitex professionals for help with implementing and running your business systems.


6. Professional Services

Cenitex offers professional services across all things IT within the Victorian public sector. If you require business analysis, infrastructure design or even organisational change management, contact us today to find out more about what Cenitex can do to assist you.

Infrastructure Design

We provide Infrastructure Design assistance when you require a new service or change an existing service – we will work with you to define the infrastructure services for your overall solution to establish an environment that meets your business needs. Our Solution Delivery team has experienced Project Managers who will be assigned to ensure Cenitex services are delivered to customer requirements, while remaining consistent with government compliance and security standards.

Architecture & Business Analysis

If you are in the process of designing, changing or implementing a new business application or if you need to make decisions about upgrading and supporting your current infrastructure, then you can engage one of our experienced Architects or Subject Matter Experts to guide you through the options to align them with the services that Cenitex can provide.

Security Professional Services

Cenitex provides a variety of IT security services, ranging from security policy development to intrusion detection support, to maintain and improve our overall security program. Cenitex is experienced in Audit and Security reviews of networks, desktops and applications.

We also have supplementary services such as secure file exchange and a security operations centre.

Desktop Deployment Services

Thinking of rolling out a new desktop to your organisation? Contact us today to see where Cenitex can help ease the stress of large migrations. We have dedicated teams with years of experience of state-wide complex desktop upgrades.

VIP Support

Do you have very important people that may need additional support to resolve their IT problems as quickly as possible? Cenitex offers VIP services with quick turnaround times to assist you with getting them working again as quickly as possible.


Want to know more?

For a conversation about how we can transform your ICT experience, you can email us or contact Andy Tran. If you are a current customer, you can contact your account manager.