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Network & Security


Identity Management provides a combination of technical systems, policies and processes to create, define and govern the utilisation and safeguarding of identity information. 

WiFi Connectivity

Managed Office Wi-Fi keeps your workforce connected to your applications and content.


LiteConnect provides connectivity for working from any remote secure sites that have a need to access GSP corporate applications,.


Using a dedicated private connection, CloudLink gives you reliability, faster speeds, and higher security than an equivalent Internet connection.

Mobile Connect

This service gives you 24×7 secure, effective access to business systems hosted within the internal corporate network or networks connecting via the Network Gateway Exchange for Apple and Android smart devices.

GO Connect

GO Connect service provides a seamless, always-on, remote connection from a corporate PC or Notebook to the internal corporate network, regardless of location. All you need is a working and stable internet connection.

Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre brings together 24×7 event management with real-time expert security analysis.

GO Phish

GO Phish educates users in identifying and dealing with phishing emails used by malicious users to gain access to departmental IT systems and/or information. 


This service facilitates the secure exchange of files from externally hosted sources to the internal corporate network via the internet. 


The Gov SSL service provides user device and code signing certificates that can be used in many scenarios, such as identity and device validation to access applications or infrastructure using certificates to protect data transfer.

Instant Office

The Instant Office service enables IT connectivity for departmental staff to access their corporate applications hosted on the Cenitex network.