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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Cenitex 

At Cenitex we embrace diversity and are committed to celebrating, advancing and fostering a workplace that is genuinely inclusive. We recognise we have an important role to play being part of both the Victorian Public Sector and the technology industry.

Diversity and Inclusion council

Our Diversity and Inclusion council is supported by the efforts of six passionate employee led reference groups. We work to foster initiatives to remove barriers, provide opportunities and empower all people within our organisation.

Our diversity and inclusion streams

Our six streams focus on initiatives that bring together all staff to discuss and celebrate occasions of significance. Our six streams are:

The stream champions building a respective and inclusive workplace which is culturally safe for all employees including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Reflecting our community, Cenitex has many staff with different cultural identities. The stream regularly get together to promote many cultural events close to their hearts.

The stream promotes action items to increase the representation of, and remove barriers for, people with disability at Cenitex and the wider Victorian Public Service. The stream provides guidance on ways to ensure inclusive practices are promoted and adopted within our organisation.

Gender Equality
Having recently developed the inaugural Gender Equality Action Plan, there is a tremendous amount for the stream to focus on to promote gender equality and the opportunities of women, men and trans and gender diverse people.

Stream members use this forum to bring their ideas to discuss the importance of age diversity in the organisation and in the wider community.

Cenitex is a partner of the Victorian Public Service Pride Network. We are proud to champion workplace inclusion for LGBTIQ+ employees and their allies.