About Us

The Cenitex vision is to support a modern, agile and productive public sector, and is driven by the Government’s commitment to a digital Victoria and better outcomes for the community.


Cenitex provides reliable, robust and contemporary shared Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services, enabling the departments, agencies and over 46,000 public servants it works with to deliver services for the Victorian community.


Created as a state-owned enterprise in July 2008, Cenitex delivers essential ICT services to the Victorian Government, such as identity and network management, security, user workspace and cloud services efficiently and cost-effectively.


Cenitex works closely with its customers to understand business needs and adopt more agile and collaborative methods of working. Alongside a maturing customer engagement model, Cenitex has developed services and technology roadmaps that are pivotal to refreshing critical assets and meeting customer needs. The Cenitex technology roadmap takes advantage of the next generation of technologies offered by industry and will deliver the increased resilience and reliability customers expect.

Cenitex currently supports a total of 35 customers from across Victorian Government, with various services to meet their needs.

Cenitex sits in the portfolio of the Department of Premier and Cabinet reporting to the Minister for Government Services. 


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