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2024 tech trends and insights

Each year, consultancies, research and leading tech companies provide insights into strategic trajectories.

We’ve collated forecasts and analysis from Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, Accenture, AWS, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Uber, Tesla, Apple and many more, to bring you the top tech trends and priorities for 2024.

For our sector, we expect to see more development and advancements in:

Actionable AI: democratising secure generative AI tools into everyday activity.

Sustainable technology: leveraging circular economy lifecycles and economies of scale – ‘Doing more with less’.

Platform engineering: reusable components with low and less code that connects end users.

Bridging Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Data Officer and Chief Experience Officer roles: integrating operational transformation leaders to connect end-user interactions and customer expectations.

Adaptive security and continuous monitoring: extending security controls with continuous threat detection, zero-trust architectures, quantum-resistant cryptography and mitigating user complacency.

Cloud combinations: gaining flexibility, scalability, resilience and customised  performance needs using a mix of hybrid, multi and industry cloud strategies.

Emerging networks: faster speeds, lower latency and new capabilities with more reliable wireless connectivity.

Connected tech enabling shared experience: increasing workforce responsiveness with seamless workflow continuity.

Does this align with what’s important to you and your team this year? Share your thoughts on this years’ top tech priorities via this quick and easy survey.