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Service Overview

Modern Desktop

powered by Microsoft Intune

Supporting a hybrid and remote workforce with the latest productivity tools.

Built for a modern workforce

Modern Desktop is our latest desktop solution, powered by Microsoft Intune and compatible with Windows 11 and Microsoft 365. Modern Desktop streamlines onboarding and operational efficiency, offering remote configuration, cost savings, rapid deployment, and top-tier security, all managed centrally and remotely.

What’s included?

Our Modern Desktop is designed and managed by government, for government. Our solution includes:

  • Cenitex Level One Support 24/7
  • Supports Windows 11
  • Self-service portal
  • Microsoft 365 compatible
  • Cloud based management platforms
  • Seamless remote onboarding
  • Fast configuration time (minutes instead of hours)
  • Automatic and constant updates via internet

“It offers benefits to the end users, our employees, in terms of flexibility – whether it be bring your own device, corporate device or Mac. Which perhaps over the years has been somewhat neglected. So that those folks can come on board with all the corporate tools and systems without having to chop and change.”

Victor Ekladious – Director of IT Operations, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure, DJSIR

How will this help you?

Our desktop solution enables you to manage your organisation’s desktops and software, centrally and remotely.

You can expect:

  • Pricing up to 5% below market rate, year on year
  • Up to 75% reduced operational disruption for IT teams via remote configuration and rapid deployment
  • Zero Service Centre touch for deployment of applications – employees can deploy themselves
  • A 50% reduction in device boot up time
  • Enhanced security – with up to date and rigorous government protocols
  • End to end management by government for government – faster and easier

“Have a look at your license agreement. If you have already Microsoft 365 E5, it should be a no brainer. You’re already paying for it. It’s a cloud-based solution already part of your license.”

Goran Djumic – Manager Telecommunications and Infrastructure, DJSIR

How do the costs compare?

Cost Comparison Calculator

Cost Comparison Calculator

Modern Desktop: $480

Digital Workplace: $672

GO Desktop: $701

This calculator provides general information only. Estimates are indicative only. For more accurate information, please contact Cenitex.

If you want to learn more about Modern Desktop please contact your Account Management team, or send us an email at