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network and Security

GO Phish

GO Phish educates users in identifying and dealing with phishing emails used by malicious users to gain access to departmental IT systems and/or information. 

There are three service options for our GO Phish service. 
Self Service – separate domain where administration of campaign content, user enrolment and frequency are controlled by the customer.

Fully managed – a managed phishing education campaign service. Mail phishing content is re-created once authorised by you and distributed to the selected users. Includes a report to the Phishing training coordinator at the end of each campaign.

Communications Service – provides expert assistance with the creation/composition of Phishing email for you to send to users. Please note this is limited to three sets of communiqués.

What’s Included

  • Procurement of a 12-month user licence or pro rata and on-going triage support for any technical issues with the Phishing environment
  • Customer domain within the PhishMe SaaS service
  • Provide departmental users with administrative control to departmental domain
  • User licence uploads into domain
  • Phishing campaign lasting six months and repeated every four to six weeks
  • Email schedule to provide education results report after each campaign
  • Invoice management
  • Suggestions and input with email communications
  • Email communications template


  • GO Office 365 or Standard Desktop Service Package

Service Offer

Self-Service and Fully managed annual charge per user email account.

  • Communications service charge per campaign.


  • Self Service                                                                 
  • Fully Managed                                                           
  • Communications Service