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Service MAnagement

Executive IT Support

The Executive IT Support service is a 24/7 concierge service that provides IT support in the office, on the road or at the customer’s home.

Customer will receive a heightened level of support via access to a Workplace Support Engineer who has been directly assigned to support them, and assist with queries or issues relating to their ICT services delivered by Cenitex. 

The service provides Senior Executives with 24×7 direct access to Workplace Support Engineer, providing greater flexibility for support and expedited remediation of issues.

What’s included

  • Direct access to Workplace Support engineer
  • Single point of contact 24×7 for support
  • Single point of accountability for incidents/requests* raised by subscribed customers.
  • Pro-active monitoring of subscribed customer’s workplace environment. This includes:
    • Pro-active checking of device configurations and health
    • General Support for Mobile Device**
    • Pro-active management of any potential lifecycle issues (eg; device refresh, software update, remote access expiry)
  • IT Support of customer’s personal residence. If onsite attendance is required, this will be coordinated through a pre-arranged/agreed time.
  • Pro-active check-in with Executive Support staff (eg; Executive Assistant). Daily or as agreed.

* Chargeable Service requests continue to follow existing engagement and approval workflows.
** Mobile device is subject to support from Departmental staff and/or 3rd party MDM provider.


Must be consumed in conjunction with a Desktop Offering outlined in Workplace Computing.

  • Digital Workplace
  • GO Desktop
  • GO Desktop DFFH/DoH
  • GO Desktop Non-Tenant
  • Virtual Workplace



Service Offer

Per user, per annum.

Service Level

  • Service availability 24/7/365
  • Service performance 99.8%