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WORkplace Computing

Application Packaging

This service enables installation and access to commercial “off-the-shelf” or business specific applications that may be required to be installed on your Workplace.

Application Packaging assists in standardising the way in which software is installed onto Workplace PC/Notebooks.

The packaging process tests the software for compatibility with the Standard Workplace and ensures that the installation of the software does not impact the Standard Workplace. If the software is incompatible this may attract additional support fees.

It also enables the installation and configuration process to be automated as much as possible. This automation shortens the installation time that customers must wait and increases the quality of the installation so that it is consistent for all recipients.

What’s included

  • Testing for compatibility with Workplace.
  • Deployment Package Build
  • Deployment Package Testing


  • Unless specified at the time of the request, all software will be packaged for delivery to the workplace platform based on your department or agency default (either 32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Software packaging for 32 bit delivery and 64 bit delivery requires two separate packaging efforts and will attract two separate charges.
  • All commercial “off-the-shelf” or business specific applications are to be compatible with the Standard Workplace components (i.e. Operating System, Internet Browser).
  • The Department and Agency are responsible for Licence procurement and management. CenITex assumes that all necessary software Licences are in-place and valid before installation
  • Digital Workplace
  • GO Desktop
  • GO Desktop DFFH/DoH
  • GO Desktop Non-Tenant
  • Virtual Workplace


  • None

Service Request

  • A once-off request to establish or modify a service. 

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Available 99.8%