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WORkplace Computing

Desktop Express

The Desktop Express service encompasses the complete imaging with the SOE on any devices purchased from the desktop or notebook categories under the State Purchasing Contract for Workplace.

Providing customers with a capability to have desktop PCs and notebooks imaged from the factory and sent directly to end-users.

Customers receive desktop PCs and notebooks that are ready for immediate use.

What’s Included

  • Provide Dell, Acer, ASI (Surface Pro) and HP with the capability to an imaging server remotely
  • Real-time updates of relevant department and agency images


  • Digital Workplace
  • GO Desktop
  • GO Desktop DFFH/DoH
  • GO Desktop Non-Tenant

Service Offer

  • Offered on an annual subscription per device (PC or Notebook that connects to the internal corporate network) for a whole department/agency

Service Request

  • A one-off request to establish or modify a service

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Available 99.8%