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WORkplace Computing

Digital Workplace Surface Hub

Digital Workplace (DW) Surface Hub service provides management and support of Microsoft Surface Hubs.

Surface Hubs are interactive whiteboards developed and marketed by Microsoft and designed to be used in communal spaces, such as meeting rooms. Each device runs Windows 10 Team, an OS based on Windows 10.

Once established, anyone can use a Surface Hub without needing to sign into the device. Ad-hoc meetings can be initiated from Surface Hubs directly. When assigned to a room, the Surface Hubs are automatically added booking the meeting room. Alternatively, users can sign into the Surface Hub with their own Office 365 account, and start or join a meeting.

What’s included

  • DW Surface Hub and Device Support 
  • DW Surface Hub Device Access 


  • Network Connectivity
  • Teams Meeting Room
  • Teams Meeting Room(W18.3)


  • None


  • None

Service Offer

  • Digital Workplace Surface Hub Offering (Device)

Service Request

  • Establish Surface Hub Service 
  • Device Install
  • Device Relocate
  • Device Refresh
  • Device Rebuild
  • Device Decommission
  • Software Installation (MS Store)

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Available 99.8%