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Workplace Computing

Non-Tenant Desktop

The Non-Tenant Desktop provides a standard desktop platform, non-Microsoft software licensing, and support for managed devices. In addition, the desktop includes Victorian Government integrated identity management, Home Drive storage and backup, and internet have been included for convenience.

This desktop does not include any software licensing or enablement where that licensing is provided through the Customer Managed Office 365 tenancy, including the licensing of the Windows operating system itself.

All approved devices for use with the Non-Tenant Desktop have been socialised by hardware vendors to work with departmental and agency SOEs and the desktop environment allows customers to access corporate applications and includes Microsoft Office productivity software which can be accessed if your tenancy licensing allows.

Tailored for the Victorian Government, Non-Tenant Desktop delivers identity management, desktop device management, managed local and wide area networks and more. This Service Package complies with Whole of Victorian Government standards for Information and Communications Technology.

This Service Package is offered as a quarterly subscription.

What’s Included

Non-Tenant Desktop                                                 

  • Desktop Express
  • Desktop Device Management
  • Application White Listing 
  • Virtual Desktop Environment 
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Password Blacklisting 
  • Volume Storage (1GB Home Drive)
  • Storage Backup and Restore 
  • LAN  
  • WAN
  • Security Services
  • First level support
  • Second level support
  • Integration Support 
  • Internet (Levy)

Minimum Required Customer Tenancy Licensing

The following Microsoft licensing is the minimum requirement to meet Enterprise Agreement requirements and full functionality of the desktop’s productivity tools.

  • Office 365 E3
  • Windows Enterprise


  • Printing Support                                                         
  • Second Factor Authentication                               
  • Local Administration Access                                 
  • VIP Support                                                                 
  • Additional Storage for Home Drive                       
  • Backup for Home Drive


Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
  • Available 99.8%

    Refer to the Service Parts Catalogue and Service Supplement for more detailed information.